martes, 5 de julio de 2011

my values (honesty)

values ​​are very important but sometimes it is very difficult to follow, an example is this video where I go writing a paper to draw on a review of English, a term to do it and I'm thinking that if it is OK to if that's what my parents taught me when I was girl, and I remembered when my mom told me that the rating does not matter that I had the important thing is that it was mine and my best effort, then I understood that I was doing wrong and decided not to use and study. and decided to have the value of honesty


this video is about some negative values ​​such as vandalism, precesses, disrespect, disregard, abuse, aggression, selfishness, these are very bad and negative values ​​that make your personality change in a good way to poor, it is better to practice good values ​​from childhood so you creating Avitar for doing things right, you should avoid to get together with people who have these negative values ​​and if you do helps your friends to change their ways and thinking.
never forget to be a better person day by day and leave the bad Avitus back, help your progesterone to be better day by day, set the example.

lunes, 4 de julio de 2011


values ​​have always existed since the beginning of humanity, human beings have always exisit important things like the truth, responsibility, happiness, values ​​are the actions that people do, are the way they think and how to act, well defined way of being of the people. the people are that they determine the importance of values. depends on each person to give it its meaning and whether it is right or wrong is determined by the person.
There are also anti-values ​​that are when a person does not have that value and that makes his personality change values ​​are to help and improve and do the opposite antivalues ​​hurt people, only harm.

ethics is part of a science, part of being human studies, studies of morality, virtue, duty, happiness, good living and much more. ethics needs to reflect and argue things, studied as morality must apply in everyday life, ethics has many branches such as the problem of being and should be. ethics aims to acts that humans perform so conscious and free. widely used the terms "good" "bad," "right," "wrong," "mandatory," "permitted," etc., referring to an action.
  When using ethical judgments are moral values ​​to people, situations, things or actions. some think that ethics is the study of art of living and is more so because it is an art not a science













I think the child did well not to pass the answer to your friend because from small values ​​are set and is teaching his friend to the cheating is not a proper action and gives the example of doing well things. the practical value of friendship and the value of honesty.


ANDREA: hello javier. what are you doing on the computer?
JAVIER: hi, Andrea i struggled herre with my computer that does not work. does not happens but does not accept any input.
ANDREA: have you tried rebooting?
JAVIER: if clear that if it does not work reset button. do you help me?
ANDREA: of course
JAVIER: well, what do i do?
ANDREA: first closed all programs please, wait ten seconds to react and if not turn it off manually. now turn it on and set the option to disinfect virus many have that does not react.
JAVIER: ok Andrea. hope and if it works.
ANDREA: really if it will work.

JUANA: Ana how do you see these accesories to the computer.
ANA: what accesries?
JUANA: those of the newspaper. are laptops, speakers, microphones, everything you need for you computer.
ANA: are very nice but i look for something better. i search the computer. see this page has many other accesories, computers, microphones, speakers, disk, keyboard, mouse, pcs, etc.
JUANA: these are more good, and are more modern.
ANA: what will be better this wireless mouse or one that conect to the computer?
JUNANA: i do not, you are the one who knows technology.
ANA: i will order a wireless mouse like e more.
JUANA: i too like most such.
ANA: ok jaja.
COYO: ring ring. hello?
MARIA: hello, i can talk to socorro?
COYO: she´s speaks. who speaks?
MARIA: hello!! Maria. i do remember me?
COYO: yes of course, i not recognized your voice.
MARIA: jaja. i was talking cousin to see if they send me the photos?
COYO: yes Maria, i scanned and send them. you arrived
MARIA: i see. wait for me a moment please.
COYO: ok, i wat a moment.
MARIA: Coyo?
COYO: yes Maria?
MARIA: i get the pictures of the whole family
COYO:  the other photos i´m going to send you later.
MARIA: ok Coyo. i´ll be waiting for the pictures.
COYO: ok. also send your photos.
MARIA: ok. jaja. but your first.
COYO:  ok see you later. bye bye.
MARIA: bye bye.

JORGE: i jose
JOSE: i jorge
JORGE: how are you?
JOSE: i´m very very tired.
JORGE: why? you have a problems
JOSE: mmm... more or lesss. i have a problems in the office.
JORGE: sure do not worry aboyt solving need help? can i help you?
JOSE:  thanks but no. do not worry about my. I´ll be fine.
JORGE: ok. how´s your family? your mother and your father?
JOSE: my mother is very fine thanks. and my father always working. how´s your family?. when come to visit?
JORGE: all are well. my wife sends your his greetings. go next week.
JOSE: that good. see you next week.
JORGE: ok. see you bye bye. greetings to all.
JOSE: from you. also regard to all. see you soon. bye bye.

chichen itza

chichen itza pyramids is one of the most visited in the Mexican republic as it is one of the seven new wonders of the world is a pyramid that has a beautiful view, it is a pyramid of civilization, has a very impressive architecture. In the pyramid of kuculcan this is one of the most remarkable buildings of Mayan architecture. is a four-sided pyramid which ends in a rectangular temple. Chichen Itza is the sacred cenote is a sinkhole open is where offerings are made to the god Chac is the lord of the rains, they offered valuable items and also human sacrifices were usually young women wearing bold clothes and jewelry co prices, also were sacrificed. Chichen Itza was named as world heritage by the year 1988. is visited by many foreigners

The massive architecture that has survived until today and today is emblematic of the site has a clear Toltec influence. The god who presides over the site, according to Mayan mythology, is Kukulcan, Maya representing Quetzalcoatl, god made ​​the pantheon of the Toltec culture. That said, consider that Chichen Itza was a city or a ceremonial center, which passed through different periods and influences construction of the different peoples that occupied it and promoted it since its inception.